Hi, I'm Xinwei. I was born in Qingdao, a coastal city in China. I'm a huge fan of whale, ACGN (anime, comics, game, novel), Schleich, meseum, cooking, day dreaming and being lazy cozy... W...well, a tipical otaku life you may say:P


I hold a BA in Industrial Design (2008) and a MA (2011) in Interaction Design from Jiangnan University, China. I've been working as a freelanced illustrator since 2008. After master graduation, I worked as a UX/UI designer in Ikamobile for one year and as an animator for three months in Feeling Media, Beijing.


I'm currently working as a full time PhD candidate in Industrial Design Departant, Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands. My research topic is about Time with Interactive Comics. The current two research interests of mine are: a, the relation of narrative, visual properities, form and interaction; and b, complex story time expression and interaction. I've invested lots of effort on programming yet am still a "messy" half-way-programmer. Working on it, getting to love it.


Please be careful of leaving message to me, I may promote many comics, anime, film, game and novel to you based on my own taste;)